Downtown Murals

image 201 E South Street
"Memories of Old Mayfield" Mural - Downtown Mayfield
Created in 2015 by artist and Mayfield High School graduate Rudy Holmes, the "Memories of Old Mayfield" mural features 5 recreations of historic buildings no longer standing: J.J. Newberry Company, old Mayfield High School, the Princess Theater, Mayfield Rail Road Depot and J.C. Penny's. You might also visit a couple of other downtown murals created by Rudy.

image 298 East South Street

image 144 North 8th Street

Artist Ronn Moyers
image 133 West South Street

image 115 West North Street

Artists Steve and Gloria Estes
image 105 West Broadway

Artist Vicki Jo Reed
image 100 North 8th Street