Photo Gallery

Mayfield and Graves County is fortunate to have many talented local photographers, both professional and amateur. We're going to highlight a few of them over the next few months through this photo gallery. They want to introduce you to the beauty and vibrancy of our community. Enjoy the photos and then come see it for yourself! #visitmayfieldgraves

Mike Clark
Mike Clark was born and raised in Graves County. He went to work for the Mayfield Messenger in August 1990 and, in his words, "was fortunate enough to be in a position to realize every thing and every person has a story to tell and if you take the time, you will find Mayfield/Graves County is chalk full of amazing people and things only found in small towns and more specifically right here".

Penny R. Pollock
Nine years ago, Penny Pollock left her Muskegon, Michigan home, family, and 50 years of memories, to retire in Mayfield, Kentucky, the town where her Great Grandmother was born. Penny decided to search for her roots through her great grandmother's. She joined the Mayfield Graves County Genealogy Society and became a dedicated volunteer for the Mayfield-Graves County Animal Shelter, including becoming the first foster care coordinator, going on to foster about 120 animals herself. Penny also has volunteered for the Mayfield-Graves County Library, where she became a member of the Photography Club, and is a member of the Jackson Purchase Medical Center Hospital Auxiliary. Penny says Mayfield & Graves County is, "A really great place to either retire among like minded people, or start a new life in a well run growing community...I'm so happy that I moved here, and can't wait for my next volunteer opportunity."