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If you're here for an afternoon, a weekend, or longer, there is plenty to do in Mayfield and Graves County

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Living History

Camp Beauregard - Water Valley 

Established in Water Valley in 1861, its purpose was to protect the eastern flank of Columbus, KY.  It also served as a recruiting and training center.  At its peak housed 6000 men.  No actual battles were fought here but several scouting parties engaged in skirmishes.  Epidemics of typhoid, TB and pneumonia took the toll of men stationed here.  Over 2000 confederate soldiers are buried here.

Confederate Monument - Courthouse Square - Mayfield

 The 1917 monument is significant to Graves County.  A strongly Confederate community, Mayfield was occupied by a small Union force in 1864 and the citizens were forced to build an earthen fortification around the Courthouse.  Only one of four Civil War fountains in Kentucky.

Wooldridge Monuments - Mayfield

In a plot of Maplewood Cemetery are the unusual stone figures of an eccentric aristocrat and Civil War soldier.  Henry Wooldridge (buried here in 1899), his family, friends and favorite animals are enshrined here.  Tagged as "The Strange Procession That Never Moves".  Open 8AM to 6PM Central Time.

Edana Locus - Mayfield

 Seventeen room mansion built in 1926 as a private home for Ed and Annie Gardner.  Used as a public library for 32 years and now home to the Mayfield Graves County Chamber of Commerce and Graves County Economic Development.  Edana is for "Ed & Anna" and "Locus" is Latin for "place".

St. Jerome Church & St. Jerome 1909 - Fancy Farm

Located 10 miles west of Mayfield on Route 80.  It was settled by Roman Catholics starting in 1829 and the community grew around St. Jerome Church, build in 1836.  The village is the site of the annual Fancy Farm Picnic, famous as a traditional political gathering featuring state and national political figures.  The school, bold in 1909 is currently being renovated back to its original design.  On the National Register of Historic Places.

West Kentucky Museum - Mayfield

Located in the historic Ice House, this museum highlights the history of Graves County with an emphasis on tobacco and other industries which grew the county.
Outdoor Activities

Get out those compasses, maps or GPS and start looking for hidden treasure all over Graves County.  Don't forget to leave a treasure when you find what you are looking for.  If you're new to the sport, geocaching is an outdoor sporting activity that uses navigational techniques to hide and seek treasure containers all over the world.

Rails to Trails

Wingo's Rails to Trails mirrors conservation movements across the country.  The goal of Rails to Trails is to promote a nationwide network of trails from former rail lines and connecting corridors to build healthier places for healthier people.  With Wingo's history of rail lines it has been very forward-thinking to use those abandoned rail lines to benefit the community.

Barn Quilt Trail

Hunting & Fishing


National Wildlife Refuge
Clarks River, Kaler Bottoms, KY
8265 acres along a 40-mile stretch of Clarks River.  No established roads or trails.  Only National Wildlife Refuge located entirely within Kentucky.   Kaler Bottoms WMA, 1843 acres eight miles NE or Mayfield.  Hunting, fishing, wildlife viewing.  Owned by Kentucky Department of Wildlife.



Ice House Art Center
Located in Mayfield's historical icehouse, the Icehouse Art Gallery displays works through sola or group shows, provides guidance and workspace for artists who may not have space.  Features ten exhibits through the year and the Gourd Patch Festival every September.

Gourd Patch Festival

Purchase Players Community Performing Arts Center
Community theater presenting six productions a year plus a dinner theater in the fall.

Graves County High School Performing Arts Center


Summer Music Fest
Free concert every Saturday night during June & July.  A variety of music from gospel, bluegrass, blues, country & a cappella fills the air during the summer.  Bring your own lawn chair.

A-Maize-Ing Farms

Glory Days
Every July 4th the City of Mayfield sponsors a car, truck & bike show along with free rides & entertainment for children.  That night the sky lights up with the region's best fireworks.

Top Gun Car Shows

Talon Falls


Mayfield High School

Graves County High School

Baseball/Softball - 900 North 17th Street - 9 fields - programs for T-Ball through U17 baseball & softball - Adult Co-Ed Softball

Graves County Soccer Association

Cartwright Grove
Watch Coverage of Christmas at Cartwright Grove
Cartwright Grove is the recreation of a tiny town that has become a part of Mayfield and Graves County history, lovingly known by locals as Cartwright Farm, which was a gift to the community from the late Earl and Lucille Wright.  Those buildings are long gone and only preserved in a few photographs, as well as the memories of the thousands of visitors that it attracted each year.  A community effort has arisen to build a similar 1800's western town, located at Mayfield-Graves County Fairgrounds.  The project has stirred the interest of many local residents, and is being constructed by a dedicated group of volunteers who want to make even more memories for future generations.

Fancy Farm Picnic

Expo Center


Kess Creek Park - 201 Locust
37 acres - several large pavilions - restrooms - walking/fitness trail - mega-playground - kids spray park - disc golf
Call 270-251-6200 to reserve a pavilion

Kiwanis Park - Cuba Road
skate park - 7 acres - 4 picnic shelters - playground - 2 soccer fields - basketball court - grills - closes at dusk

Harmon Park - 101 West James Street
newly renovated as a passive recreation & gardening area - historic Humane Society fountain - World War II Memorial

Dunbar Park - 601 South 12th Street
picnic shelter - basketball court - 3 acres - playground

Eddie Williams Park - 300 Pryor Street
basketball court - 1/2 acre - picnic shelter - playgroud

Lions Club Park - 903 North 15th Street
picnic shelter - 2 acres - located adjacent to playground - Scott Thompson Tennis Center - Dog Park - Oak Grove Walking Trail - .68 mile trail - trail connects to Senior Center - "Blue Building" indoor sports facility
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