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Mayfield Graves County Tourism Commission works to promote tourism in the City of Mayfield and Graves County. As a community we strive to hold on to our roots but prepare for the future. Mayfield Graves County has things to offer for all ages and is a great place for your family to visit.

In the early 1800's President Andrew Jackson authorized the negotiation of a land purchase from the Chickasaw Indians, and here his name is used daily - Graves County being located in the middle of the "Jackson Purchase".  This fertile land attracted early settlers from Virginia, North and South Carolina and Tennessee who brought with them a degree of education and culture and a fierce determination to succeed on the land.  Remarkable in their achievements as craftsmen and farmers, they put down roots to blend a political, economic and social 
environment unique, perhaps only to Mayfield and Graves County.

A trip from Paducah and Interstate 24 takes travelers down beautiful four-lane Highway 45 lined with a mixture of commerce, industry and lush farmland into Mayfield and is a fitting introduction to Graves County.  Downtown Mayfield features a historic 
district with antique-era light fixtures and renovated sidewalks with brick inserts.  Mayfield is an all American town where "Glory Days" is still celebrated on the main thoroughfare on the Fourth of July.  In Mayfield, you'll find the kind of western Kentucky charm indicative of the entire region.

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